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Town Cherkassy

Ukraine - Town Cherkassy

Cherkassy ( Ukr. Черкаси, rus. Черкассы eng. Cherkassy, Cherkasy) is a town in Ukraine, administrative center of Cherkassy district, Cherkasy region . Cherkassy is a regional center in Central Ukraine, the industrial center of the Central economic region, a significant educational and cultural center. The city played a significant role in the formation of the Cossacks in the history of Ukraine, Cherkassy residents participated directly in the region and koliivshchina. Currently, the city of Cherkasy is a big and a cultural and industrial center of the region. Cherkasy is situated on the right Bank of Kremenchuk reservoir on the Dnieper river. Until 2011 administratively the city is divided into 2 urban area —Sosnowski and Dnieper . Cherkassy, the city's population — 283 866 inhabitants (as of 1 June 2012) Area 69,08 km2. Postcode Cherkassy 18000, telephone code of the city of Cherkassy — +380472, GPS coordinates of the city of Cherkasy is 49°26'40" North latitude 32°03'35" East longitude. The altitude: 110 meters. The year of Foundation of the city of Cherkassy: 1286 year. The distance from Kiev to Cherkassy 200 km through the left Bank of the Dnieper

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