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Webcam Cherkassy

Ukrtelecom webcam on the Sobornaya square in Cherkassy

Webcam Cherkasy - the direct broadcast around the clock.

The town of Cherkassy is located in the centre of Ukraine and therefore deservedly considered the spiritual heart of Ukraine. The Central square of the Cherkassy called Sobornaya (Cathedral) square because it is the best way personifies the idea of catholicity and unity of all our people.

The square was created in 1879. Before 1945, on this square was St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in 1864 and is destroyed immediately after the Second world war. The Cathedral was erected on the funds of the Cherkassy patron М. Kolodochka. Around the Cathedral housed the shopping malls, warehouses and private home of a wealthy middle class. By the autumn of 2008 on the square stood a monument to Lenin, then it was torn down. In the summer of 2011, the area was completely reconstructed, and established 2 new fountain

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